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Terms of Service

Elk Dragon Commission Terms of Service


Customer Age:


-You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a fursuit from me. If under 18, a letter of agreemnet from your legal guardian must be sent to me, confirming they are aware and agree to your purchase. I reserve the right to turn away any customer I feel is underage. The commission process will not be started until I have recieved said email.

All emails can be sent to:




-Shipping will be paid separately after the commission is finished

-Intl shipping is available;  +$50 USD

-Commission will be shipped within a week of completion

-Overnight shipping can be done if requested; +$30 USD


Return Policy:


-If anything is wrong with the product, I will fix all damaged areas at no cost if returned WITHIN A MONTH OF RECEIVING THE COMMISSION. Any product kept longer than a month is no longer eligible for free repair; commissioner will pay a $50 work fee to have all repairs done.

-Repair offer is not valid if you have altered more than half of the suit on your own before it is returned to me

-If not satisfied with the overall product based on final look/style, it must be sent back to me to be altered and placed for auction. 




Only up to 75% of the suits commission total will be refunded if need be. The 25% down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of the situation. If for any reason the commission is canceled and/or not gone through with, only payments past the DP can be refunded. If nothing has been paid past the DP, no amount will be issued back if the order is canceled.


Customer Satisfaction:


I send multiple WIP images through the process of the commission; IF YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU ARE UNHAPPY ABOUT, PLEASE BRING IT TO MY ATTENTION WHILE IN THE EARLY STAGES OF THE COMMISSION. Once the head/feet/hands etc have been fully completed, no new changes can be made. IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE FINAL PRODUCT IN AESTHETIC ONLY, NO FULL  REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. It is up to YOU to decide if you would like to commission a fursuit from me. You are commissioning me for MY STYLE. If said style does not appeal to you in the overall product, I am not obliged to issue a full refund. A 25% refund max. can be issued within 60 days of payment.


Commission type:


-As of right now, I DO NOT take part commissions aside from heads (i.e. tails, feet, hands, bodies)


DTD and Measurements Policy:


-       If commissioning a fullsuit, A DTD IS REQUIRED

-       Please send out DTD within first 1-2 weeks of making down payment

-       Some minor measurements are required (shoes size, arm length, etc.)



Payment plans:


-       A 25% NON-REFUNDABLE DOWN PAYMENT IS REQUIRED before work starts. This payment must be paid upon receiving a slot. If payment is not sent within 48 hrs of receiving slot, customer will forfeit slot

-       DP IS NON-REFUNDABLE even if slot is canceled. Any payment sent after DP can be negotiated to be sent back after slot is canceled. 

-       The remainder of the payment can be paid in either: Installments throughout the process or in full once the commission is fully completed

-       Paypal recommended

-       Refunds can be issued if customer is not satisfied with product and mails the entire product back WITHIN A MONTH OF RECEIVING IT. Refunds are no longer valid if customer waits over a month to report issue or product is not sent back.

- Full remainder of payment is expected within 48 hrs of commission completion. Remainder cannot be paid in parts once comission is completed. If for some reason the payment is not sent within that time, lates fees will be issued. Commission will not be mailed out unless late fees are paid.

--$25 first week payment is late

--$50 second week late

--$75 third week late

If full payment is not sent within a month of commissions completion, order will be considered forfeit, customer will be refunded 75% of payment (or whatever has been paid since the down payment) and commission will be altered and placed up for public auction


Ref Sheet Policy:


-A full 3-body turnaround anthro reference sheet is required for all commission types

- Feral refs will be ignored

- Can be self-drawn or commissioned



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